IT Infrastructure Management is Much More than Just “Nice to Have”

I just read an article called “Convincing Executives that IT Asset Management Is a Good Investment.” It focused on software assets in particular, and discussed how implementing a software asset management system can thwart employees who unwittingly expose their employers to liabilities associated with improperly licensed free apps or security risks posed by BYOD policies.

The same reduction in risk exposure can be realized for physical infrastructure management systems, but on a much larger scale.  Not too long ago, I had a call with a network engineer who was looking for an outside plant infrastructure solution as a response to a recent unanticipated shutdown.  His team had to scramble for days when someone inadvertently dropped a lit cigarette down a campus steam pipe and caused a fire that melted several major fiber runs.  Critical services were dropped and they spent countless hours sifting through spreadsheets and old drawings to determine alternative connectivity routes for the affected equipment.

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Infrastructure Spreadsheet Chaos

Does your organization use spreadsheets to try and maintain its cable plant?  Spreadsheets are useful tools, I agree, but is it the right tool to manage one of the most critical services in your organization? Yes, it is quick and easy and yes, it can log basic connectivity information, but it cannot properly manage the cable plant. Spreadsheets are standalone tools with no security, no structure, and no data entry standards. Comprehensive  cable plant management requires more than just tabular data entry; it comprises spatial data such as rack elevations and floorplans, plus:
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