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Configuration Management Answers Basic Infrastructure Questions

Today’s enterprise CIO is hard pressed for allocating time and budget to address infrastructure management challenges. While appropriately defending their networks from security challenges, they are also well aware of the fragile state of configuration management.  While many discovery solutions assist with real-time security, they often have limited or no connection to the needs of service, facility and asset managers who are struggling to answer basic questions including who, what, where, and when.

While these issues are faced, the enterprise is further challenged by increased requests for data, which has both accelerated servers and virtualization.  Due to rising concerns for utility costs and cyber security constraints, data center consolidation and centralization of facilities and assets is well underway.

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Infrastructure Spreadsheet Chaos

Does your organization use spreadsheets to try and maintain its cable plant?  Spreadsheets are useful tools, I agree, but is it the right tool to manage one of the most critical services in your organization? Yes, it is quick and easy and yes, it can log basic connectivity information, but it cannot properly manage the cable plant. Spreadsheets are standalone tools with no security, no structure, and no data entry standards. Comprehensive  cable plant management requires more than just tabular data entry; it comprises spatial data such as rack elevations and floorplans, plus:
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